Pick Up the Six [Podcast] with PreVeteran Founder, Jason C. Anderson

Our PreVeteran founder was recently interviewed by Brian Jodice and the Pick Up The Six Podcast. Over the hour-long podcast, Brian and Jason covered a lot of territory including Jason’s personal and professional military journey and PreVeteran’s recent launch.

For those of you looking for specific topics, there’s the breakdown of the topics and the minute marker below the video.

Video Time Markers

  • The Air Force Academy journey (2:45)
  • Flight school and C-130 war stories (4:55)
  • We need to get married—Saturday!! (16:02)
  • How a conversation in Pakistan changed Jason’s life (20:05)
  • Japanese language school—becoming an infant again (24:12)
  • Cold calling the Pentagon for a job (30:26)
  • Jason’s military transition prep begins (32:38)
  • The precursor to PreVeteran (35:50)
  • Aerospace & Defense job opportunity (36:28)
  • Jason pitches idea for international growth (37:42)
  • Jason is promoted to executive of North Asia (38:40)
  • The birth of the PreVeteran concept (41:00)
  • Jason figured out the “what” in military transition (41:57)
  • Jason discovers cognitive neuroscience and figures out the “why” (42:53)
  • PreVeteran’s proprietary cognitive neuroscience-based model (44:00)
  • Military Transition 1.0 and why it doesn’t work (46:27)
  • Information on PreVeteran’s Employment Prep Course (49:35)
  • What the private sector wants in an employee (53:09)
  • Why PreVeteran requires military members to pay for courses (53:40)
  • PreVeteran wants to change the entire military transition space (57:13)

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