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Why Our PreVeteran Military Transition 2.0 System is Better For Everyone

“All problems become smaller when you confront them instead of dodging them.” — William F. Halsey

In another article, we told you how the existing Military Transition 1.0 Model is not setting you or your family up for post-military success because you’re asked to do too much, in too little time, with no individual training.

That’s why PreVeteran created the Military Transition 2.0 System.

Why You Need a Military Transition 2.0 System

The simple answer to this question is twofold.

  1. Situational Awareness—You need to be fully aware that military transition is actually a complex, multi-line item problem that you have to get right, in the right order, to be optimized for life after the military.
  2. Intentional Action That Promotes Individual Agency—You need to have a fully supportive system that understands the complex, multi-line line nature of military transition and provides you the time, individual tools, and community support to optimize your post-military life.

What An Optimized Military Transition Looks Like

At PreVeteran, we see military transition as a complicated, multi-line item challenge. The graphic above captures this at a high level by capturing the following items: employment, your VA claim, being financially ready, and ensuring you’re properly ensured.

If you zoom out a bit and take a sober look at this information we’re presenting, your takeaway might be—wow, that’s a lot of work that I need to get right, in the right order, to be optimized. And this conclusion is particularly jarring because the existing Military Transition 1.0 model does not provide you sufficient time or a framework to ensure you’re doing all of these required tasks.

Now that we’ve broken down military transition into critical line items you see in the associated graphic, it’s important to see that optimizing these line items will have a significant impact on you and your family’s lives.

For example, if you look only at the two top line items—employment and your VA claim—if you properly prepare and are able to maximize both, this could mean thousands of dollars in your bank account every month. This translates to increased success, security, happiness, health, and wealth for you and your family.

The Consequences of a Non-Optimized Military Transition

At PreVeteran, we’re all about empowering military members and military spouses to optimize their military transition like we mentioned in the previous section.

The obvious contrary to being optimized for military transition is to NOT be optimized for military transition. This means that you’re not maximizing each line item or you may be missing a line item all together.

The obvious consequence to missing these critical line items is that you may be leaving thousands of dollars per month on the table which would otherwise be in your bank account had you done the proper preparation.

When this happens, your second order effect is that your family has less money, less security, fewer opportunities, increased stress and decreased health.

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