Welcome to our Salary & Benefits Course!!

Let's Go!!

On behalf of the PreVeteran team, I want to thank you for purchasing our Salary and Benefits course (SBC)! We actually call this course “Negotiate the Highest-Possible Salary and Benefits Course” because that’s the kind of training you’ll receive in this course that you won’t get anywhere else.

Our secret to this course is actually building off the Employment Prep Course (EPC) you’ve already been through. Remember when you learned about the different roles in an organization? Well, in this course, you’ll learn the precise tools the General Manager, Human Resources, and the Hiring Manager use to get you in the company—and once you know those tools and deploy them against the company, you win…and you win big!

How big, you ask? Well, the students that have taken the course and gone into a salary negotiation, have earned an average of $16,500 over their initial offer. That means more money in your pocket each and every year and more financial security for your family.

So, as you head into this next course, we’re excited for your continued journey!!

If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to drop me an email at

What to Expect—As Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Access the course—The SBC is an “evergreen” course, which means you now have full access to the full course material
  2. How to Best Take the Course—We recommend you go through the entire course just prior to entering you employment “window” which is about 4 months out. Then, as you go through the actual offer-acceptance process, come back to the course and review each module as you go through that process realtime.
  3. Course Support—Since this is a “evergreen” course and everyone is at different points in their offer-acceptance journey, we have weekly office hours you can Zoom into and ask your questions with a coach. Office hours are every Tuesday at 6:00 pm MST.