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Data from 1991-2020 all show the same thing—the two years following military transition are very challenging with high unemployment rates, poor job retention, among other measures.

At PreVeteran, we attribute this challenging two-year period to the lack of individualized preparation and support that could help you plan for and reach your post-military goals.

Without individualized preparation, you are left to deal with a wide range of unknowns. What do I really want to do after the military? What does an employer really want? How do I adequately prepare? Who do I talk to and what questions do I ask?

These unknowns left unaddressed can fester and lead to poor individual transition outcomes.

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PreVeteran noun

Definition of PreVeteran
A military member who:
  1. Understands they are responsible for their successful transition—not the government
  2. Understands the existing transition program does not adequately address their individual needs
  3. Wants the framework, tools, and support to plan their own unique transition early in their career


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