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220,000 service members exit the military every year.

There is a 100% chance that you’ll be leaving the military at some point.

Are you prepared for your military transition?

The Clock is Ticking...

The closer you get to your military transition, the more your stress multiplies.

But throughout your career, you've always figured things out before, right?

Why should your military transition be any different?

Going it alone can cause:

Distressed relationships

Bouncing from Job to Job

Chronic Lower Wages

Here’s why this is happening…

The government and the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) has a very difficult challenge. They have a fiduciary responsibility to help all 220,000 service members transition out of the military.

Out of necessity, they created a group-focused program that provides a flurry of resources without taking your individual needs into consideration.

This creates a lot of confusion for you for how to navigate the transition landscape.

Here’s the thing…it does not have to be this way.

With our new PreVeteran Military Transition 2.0 system, we give you a proven framework, tools, and sustained support to help you successfully navigate the complex transition landscape.

PreVeteran Success Factors

Align to the Private Sector's Needs & Wants

Do this before you take of the uniform

If you follow our PreVeteran Success Factors, you'll...

Enjoy your last years in the service

You’ve spend some of the best years of your life in the military. The last thing you want to do is finish poorly and not enjoy your last few years because you’re stressed out trying to figure it out on your own.

Meet you and your family’s needs

Your family has been your rock throughout your military career. They’ve followed you all over the place and now it’s time to make sure to can take care of their needs once you leave the military.

This one is far too important—don’t leave this one to chance.

Significantly Reduce Stress

Right now we know you’re stressed as your body goes through the normal physiological response to stress.

What you don’t know is that PreVeteran has a better way. With a proven framework, tools, and sustained support, you can turn your stress into confidence. Can you put a price on piece of mind?

Get a Better Job & Get Paid More

Others in the transition space will tell you that it’s okay to bounce from job to job “figuring it out” with your military transition. They are flat wrong and here’s why.

Take a mental note of how you feel now? Why would you want to just “find a job” and then be back to where you are now again in six months or a year. The best thing to do is get it right the first time.

Not only can we help you get the right job but we can help you negotiate the highest possible salary & benefits.

Don't Delay—Take Action Now!

Your transition, like life, is all about choices...and you have one to make.

Don't sell yourself short.

Are you going to go it alone or do you want to follow a proven model that will help you get prepared for post-military employment, reduce your stress, and enable you to provide more than you ever could for your family?

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