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Welcome to PreVeteran...

We're very excited to have you in both of our flagship courses!

On behalf of the PreVeteran team, I want to thank you for purchasing both the Employment Prep Course (EPC) and Salary & Benefits Course (SBC). You are now in the driver’s seat!

We don’t take this responsibility lightly and will work very hard to make sure we’re meeting your expectations for both courses.

I’d also like to take a moment and congratulate you on taking this critical step in your military transition! This means you place a high-priority on your post-military success and are ready to start putting in the work within our Military Transition 2.0 model that’s known to be effective.

Since you’ve decided to purchase both courses, take a look at the “what to expect” section below regarding upcoming dates for the EPC, then the recommendations for when and how to take the SBC.

Your success is our #1 priority, so if you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to drop me an email at jason@preveteran.com.

What to Expect for the Upcoming EPC

19 June (Monday)

  • You’ll receive an email reminding you that you are one week out from the official course start date

23 June (Friday)

  • Week 1 course content will be available for your viewing, for those of you that would like to get an early start
  • You’ll be invited to our private LinkedIn 22-3 cohort page & can start to get to know your classmates

26 June (Monday)

  • Class officially begins!
  • Follow the logical instruction on the learning management system (LMS) & ask any questions you may have

When and How to Take the SBC, Once You’ve Completed the EPC


  • Once you complete the EPC & are within 3-4 months of your separation or retirement


  • Go through the entire learning to familiarize yourself with the process
  • Then go through each module again as you go through the realtime interaction with the hiring manager

In the Meantime…

If you’re new to PreVeteran and our unique methodology that focuses on the need to self-transform and align to the private sector, here’s a couple videos that cover these two critical items that related to your post-employment success.