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Survey Result and Solutions

Want to see how your survey results stack up against the others?

Watch the video!

General Highlights:

See how your preparations stack up against other military members / military spouses

Learn how the Military Transition 1.0 model complicates your individual thinking process and decision making

Military Transition 1.0 Highlights:

Has two inherent design flaws: insufficient time + no individual training component

Insufficient time = once you’re within 12 months, your workload triples

No individual training component = no training on mindset and individual decision making

PreVeteran’s Military Transition 2.0 Highlights:

Corrects Military Transition 1.0 model’s two design flaws

Sufficient time = we’re seeking military members and military spouses 1-3 years prior to separation or retirement

Individual training component = lean how to orient yourself in the chaos and navigate to success

Video Time Stamp:

00:00 – 00:59   Introduction

01:00 – 04:25   Survey aggregate results (so you can see how you stack up!)

04:26 – 04:44   The problem—poor military transitions

04:45 – 07:28   Reason #1—the Military Transition 1.0 model

07:29 – 08:40   Reason #2—Individual thinking stemming from the Military Transition 1.0 model

08:41 – 12:43   Reiterating the problem—poor military transitions

12:44 – 14:30   The solution—PreVeteran’s Military Transition 2.0 model

14:31 – 15:30   Military Transition 2.0 model—Navigate & iterate

15:31 – 16:25   Conclusion and your 10% off code! Coupon code: quiz

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