Which Path Will You Choose?

The results are in—military transition is challenging…but it does not have to be.

There’s a better way you may not be aware of.

First, let’s walk you through why military transition is currently so challenging.

There are two main reasons.


Reason #1—Military Transition 1.0


Since 1991 and the creation of the Transition Assistance Program (TAP), we’ve been in a Military Transition 1.0 environment characterized by the following:

  • Group-focused system
  • Numerous entities that shower you with resources hoping some of them will stick (but they don’t)

Since that program has no individual component, this will make your individual navigation through the transition landscape very difficult.


Reason #2—Military Transition 1.0 Complicates Your Individual Thinking, which will lead to inefficiency, frustration, and poor employment outcomes


Basic cognitive neuroscience principles state that:

  • Thoughts drive behaviors
  • Behaviors drive actions
  • Actions drive outcomes

Since the Military Transition 1.0 construct is group-focused, this leads to confused individual thinking. In other words, that 1.0 environment is designed for group implementation, not for you individually.

Continuing this logic:

  • Unproductive, less aligned thoughts will lead to less productive employment outcomes
  • Productive, more aligned thoughts will lead to more productive employment outcomes

In that vein, did you answer yes to any (or all) of the following?

  • Should I do something completely different?
  • Do I need to get another degree to be competitive?
  • Do I need get my PMP?
  • Do I need to get my Six Sigma?

Take a step back and think about it objectively.

Will following any (or all) of these messages in your head going to lead you to successful post-military employment or is this just “noise” in your head that’ll keep you off track?


There’s a (much) better way with our PreVeteran Military Transition 2.0 Programs


Our PreVeteran programs are based on Military Transition 2.0 concepts:

  • Focusing on you as the individual
  • Prove you individual tools for your unique journey
  • Sustained support

Together, these 2.0 attributes work in concert to help you navigate the transition landscape more efficiently, with less frustration and stress, and help guarantee you post-military employment success.



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