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Information on the

Employment Prep Course (EPC)

Course Structure + Highlights

  • 5-week hybrid course with firm start & stop dates
  • On-demand videos + weekly “live” Zoom with instructor
  • 1:1 coaching
  • Cohort-only private LinkedIn group
  • Weekly assignments and resources

Week 1: Introduction, Tech-Ready for Transition, Your People Resource

After a course introduction, learn how to leverage various technologies to best organize and prepare for post-military employment. You also learn about your most valuable resource—people—and how each group plays a critical role in your employment search and decision making.

Week 2: Think Differently About Your Military Transition

In week two, we use our proprietary cognitive neuroscience-based modeling to teach you about unproductive and misaligned thoughts in your head that become barriers to your success and how to overcome them.

Week 3: Align to the Private Sector’s Needs & Wants

In week three, you’ll learn about the significant differences between the public and private sectors and how that affects the hiring process. In addition, knowing what the private sector’s needs and wants are will help you articulate your value to their profit-making enterprise.

Week 4: Capstone Project—Find the Industry, Company, and Role

With your internal and external obstacles addressed, you’re ready to begin our iterative employment prep process. In this week, with new tools in hand, you’ll begin finding the industry, company, and role meeting your requirements. With each supported iteration, your confidence will grow and your opportunities will soar!

Week 5: Capstone Project Iteration—Iterate & Adjust, Review & Wrap Up

As you know, no plan survives first contact. Same goes for employment preparation. That is why we programmed in another full week of supported training so you can begin perfecting the process. And, once you have the process down, you can continue this process as much as you like on your own or with your peers in the PreVeteran Alumni Community once you complete the course.

Course FAQs

What's my weekly time commitment for taking the course?

Two things. One—we know your busy. Two—we know that you need to get military transition right the first time. That is why we built this 5-week virtual hybrid course that can fit into your busy life. The course consists of weekly videos you can watch on your desktop, laptop, or mobile, 1:1 support, interaction with your cohort, and assignments. You should expect to spend a manageable 3-4 hours per week on the course, at the time that's convenient for you, no matter your location.

I still have about two years left before I depart the military. Is it too early to take the course?

No! If you haven't read our articles on the website, we frequently talk about how the government's Transition Assistance Program (TAP) has essentially influenced an errant thought process that may entice you to think that your preparation should be done around the 12 month mark. Step back and ask yourself a simple question. Does this make sense? A successful military transition requires a self-transformation on your part. The more time you have, the better! To use an aviation metaphor, why wouldn't you use the longest runway possible? By waiting until you're within 12 months means you've denied yourself a full runway. Don't do that! For best results, we recommend you start this Employment Prep Course between 1-3 years before separation or retirement.

Time-wise, when is the best time to take the course?

As we mentioned above, for the very best results, we recommend you take the Employment Prep Course 1-3 years before you separate or retire from the military. For an added level of detail, we recommend you take this course when you've got a good handle on your job and a good balance at home as well so you can find time to devote to this course and your personal transformation. When not to take the course. Are you getting ready to PCS, expecting a baby, just changed jobs, or are getting ready to start your undergrad or Master's degree? If yes, this might not be the best time or you can wait and take one of our future planned courses. Starting in 2022, we'll be holding the Employment Prep Course quarterly.







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