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Don’t Trust the Government With Your Military Transition. Period.

Jason C. Anderson

The absolute collapse of Afghanistan in under two weeks following America’s longest war with thousands of lives lost and over $1 trillion spent MUST lead to a period of serious, nationwide introspection that addresses a series of basic questions.

Three contender questions come to mind: first, in the aftermath of 9/11, have political and military leaders taken for granted the countless patriotic men and women who’ve volunteered to defend and protect our vital national interests?

Second, are those leaders self-aware enough to reflect on this time, acknowledge they’ve shattered the trust needed in an all-volunteer force, and try to earn back that trust or will they from this point smugly continue on and not bother to address the elephant in the living room?

Finally, is this Afghanistan calamity a one-off or does it actually provide you the rare opportunity to get actual insights into how they “lead” the force, what their priorities are, and whether or not they give a hoot about you or your family at all.

This Pertains to Your Military Transition as Well—100%

At the heart of PreVeteran—our brand—we are telling you what is really going on. We are always looking out for your individual interests. No sugarcoating. No bullshit. Because, at the end of the day, you’re grown adults capable of making your own decisions. I’m simply pointing out that an event like the Afghanistan disaster gives you actual insight into how the government thinks and acts—and you need to be making the connection between events like this and programs such as the Transition Assistance Program (TAP).

The U.S. military’s charter, born out of the Constitution, is to “provide the military forces needed to deter war and ensure our nation’s security.” Don’t mistake transition—or getting you and your brothers and sisters out of the military—as a core mission. It isn’t, and you know that, whether it’s been explicitly stated or not.

If you want more proof, look at the numbers. In 2019, the DoD spent $13 million on the administration of the Transition Assistance Program. For an apples to apples comparison, in 2019 255,000 military members transitioned from the military.

I’ll do the math for you. $13,000,000 / 255,000 = $50 spent per individual for transition assistance. This doesn’t even count as a quarter-hearted effort.

Despite this mathematical reality, you’ll have multiple government agencies tell you—insist, in fact—that they are doing a good job and adequately preparing you for life after the military.

Do you believe them? Why on earth would you believe them?

This Means YOU Need to Take Care of YOU and Your Family

Look, we’ve said this in several different articles but we’re going to say it again. YOU are responsible for your transition. Period. Full stop.

We’ve also published articles explaining that the dysfunctional TAP-led transition model is an underwhelming one-size-fits-all that forces you to do the following things—things that you’ve never done before—in an effort to figure this out for yourself:

  1. Find a mentor
  2. Network
  3. Do informational interviews

You’ve heard this advice before, right? Do you know how to use it or are you just repeating what you’re hearing out there in the ether?

If this is your plan for a successful transition, what confidence percentage do you attribute to the plan working? 80%? 50%? 20%? Have you thought about it at all?

Trust PreVeteran Because We ARE Looking Out for Your Best Interests

Trust is earned and we want to earn yours. You can look around but we believe we have the best program, one tailored to your individual needs. Data shows that 90%+ of you will become employees. 70% of that 90%+ will eventually be employees in the private sector.

So, to serve you, we’ve created an Employment Prep Course that helps you prepare for meaningful employment in an industry and job that you want BEFORE you get out of the military, where, if you haven’t put in the work ahead of time, you’re at your most vulnerable.

Are our courses free? Absolutely not, for one simple reason. You need to invest in yourself and prioritize your self-transformation and alignment to the private sector. This can’t be learned through a mentor or a network or through an informational interview.

YOU need to do the work, so stop putting it off. Sign up for our next course here and start proactively shaping your post-military life.

No more excuses.



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